About Us

Our Vision

Our primary purpose to help restore youthfulness in a natural looking way. We use only FDA approved products. Our injection nurse, Kristi, has 11+ years experience with Botox and filler injections. Our goal is to keep you looking natural by giving you only what you need, not giving you too much! Our goal is for your friends to notice you look refreshed – not like you have had something done!

Our Story

We have a passion to help women and men regain self esteem and feel better about themselves. With a background in art and beauty, it makes it easy to restore youthfulness and beauty. Kristi has been a registered nurse for 24 years and cosmetic nursing 10+ years.

Meet the team

Erica Crouse, PA, Owner

Erica Crouse

New Patient Manager

Emergency Medicine PA for 11 years

Kristi Randolph, RN - Injector

Kristi Randolph
RN, Injector

Nurse Injector for 12 years

Wilson’s most experienced injector